Aquatec Engenharia e Serviços



AQUATEC ENGENHARIA E SERVIÇOS SUBAQUÁTICOS LTDA (AQUATEC UNDERWATER ENGINEERING AND SERVICES LTD) was created based on the dream and work of the diver, historian, researcher and entrepreneur Mr Romulo Sergio Vieira Ribeiro. In the mid 80s, after several years working as a diver, supervisor and deep-sea saturation diving superintendent in the company TECNOSUB, he founded the now extinct DARDA SUB OF BRAZIL, being the pioneer in recreational diving courses in Minas Gerais.

After 10 years in the sub-aquatic market in Minas Gerais, Romulo Sergio decided to work only with professional diving. It was then that in 1996, along with diver and supervisor Claudio Aragão he founded AQUATEC - the first company approved by the Brazilian Navy to perform professional underwater services in the state of Minas Gerais. Since 2004, after Romulo Sergio and Claudio Aragão had left the company, AQUATEC has been managed by Romulo's three sons.


Over the 15 years of service, AQUATEC has acquired vast experience in the underwater engineering industry and developed an original concept of total quality, combining high-tech infrastructure with talented and experienced professionals.

Nowadays, AQUATEC can rely on a team of collaborators who are qualified and identify themselves with the needs and objectives of the company.

The only company in the Midwest region and in the state of Minas Gerais authorized and approved by the Brazilian Navy to perform underwater services to a depth of up to 50 meters.

AQUATEC's next step is the offshore market, performing any kind of services to a depth of up to 50 meters.

In addition to having qualified manpower, AQUATEC also has state of the art equipment properly certified and approved, with the necessary annual inspections required.

With all this, AQUATEC has become the definitive option for performing various types of underwater work, on-shore or offshore.


To be a company operating throughout the Brazilian market for professional diving, seeking licenses to operate in depths of 90 and 350 meters.


Quality, safety and professionalism in compliance with all standards in any service to satisfy clients and obtain new ones with the results.


Pioneering spirit, professionalism, quality, safety, honesty, ethics, transparency and environmental responsibility.

Technical Staff

Guilherme Rocha Vieira Ribeiro
Chief Executive Officer

Gustavo de Paula Rocha Vieira
Director of Operations

Germano Rocha Vieira
Director of Operations

Valmir Santos da Silva
Civil Engineer
Environmental Analyst.